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Inkjet Fluids and Technology

Vera Inkjet is a scientific research and experimental development company with expertise in engineering waterbased inkjet inks & fluids for piezoelectric printheads. 

We combine science, innovation, and imagination to create transformative inkjet inks and fluids. Our proprietary technology and knowledge base have direct applications for the greater functional fluids industry.

R&D facility


Our Montreal headquarters includes an in-house ink development and quality control laboratory where our research and development team engineers inkjet inks and fluids with superb performance and stability for various applications. 

The state-of-the-art equipment in our R&D lab includes a dropwatcher, a Fluidicam Rheo, bubble pressure tensiometers, multiple viscometers, spectrophotometers and printers. Learn more about our equipment.

Our high production standards for our inks/fluids are supported by outstanding quality control on both the inks and the incoming raw materials they are made from.

Our services include custom ink/fluid development, technical analysis and advice, and technical support for customers.

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